This is an Attractions Guide for all of the theme parks located across the United States.

No matter where you’re going or what your budget is, you’ll find the perfect park to fit into your travel plans.

I love theme parks! I love everything about them…the sights, the sounds, the smells.

But mostly, I just love the way they make me feel while I’m there!

They have an atmosphere where I can be a kid again if only for a few days.

What I don’t love about theme parks is spending countless hours combing the web trying to piece together park and travel information.

While the bigger attractions are easy to find on the web, a lot of the smaller and lesser known parks are not. I decided to have some fun and put everything I found in one place…for me and for you!

This is a continually growing database so be patient with me if I don’t have your favorite listed yet. There are literally HUNDREDS of parks scattered all over the country – from big, to small, and in-between…and I’m working on listing them all.

This guide is intentionally simple and supplies “just the facts” for each park in order to help you make your plans. I have listed each of the 48 states along with descriptions of all of the parks located within each one as well as that states major airports.

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So without any further adieu, let’s get started…you have alot of choices to pick from!